Diocletian Timeline

Diocletian Timeline

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  • 22 Dec 245 CE

    Birth of Emperor Diocletian.

  • 284 CE - 305 CE

  • 284 CE - 275 CE

    Crisis of the Third Century resolved during the reign of Diocletian.

  • 285 CE

    The Roman empire is split into the Western and Eastern Roman empires.

  • 289 CE

    Emperor Diocletian defeats Sarmatians.

  • 292 CE

    Emperor Diocletian defeats Saracens.

  • 293 CE

    Diocletian reforms the Roman coinage system, guaranteeing the gold aurei at 60 to a pound and minting the nummus coin.

  • 298 CE

    Roman Emperor Diocletian reunifies the Kingdom of Armenia.

  • 301 CE

    Diocletian reasseses the values of Roman coins and limits minting rights to between 12 and 15 mints across the empire.

  • 303 CE

    Emperor Diocletian orders all Churches destroyed.

  • 305 CE

    The Baths of Diocletian in Rome are completed.

  • Oct 311 CE

    Death of Emperor Diocletian.

  • 330 CE

    Diocletian and Maximian celebrate a triumph in Rome for their victories in Britain and Africa.

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